Crisis Communication Checklist for Associations

A crisis at your Association can take several forms, such as a data breach, a situation involving a member, or a weather-related incident, to name a few. Whatever the crisis is, it can have a serious impact on your Association, which is why you should have a crisis communication plan in place that outlines specific framework for a variety of situations. To help you with your efforts, NAR has created a Crisis Communication Checklist for Associations. It can be used as the first step in creating a crisis communication plan or it can be seamlessly incorporated into an already existing plan.

Homeowner Safety & Security Toolkit

This toolkit (DOC: 78 KB) provides REALTOR® associations with the context, materials, and best practices to get the word out about homeowner safety and security, including home security tips for new homeowners, homeowner crime prevention tips as weather gets warmer, and homeowner crime prevention tips while on vacation.

Office Safety Forms

A variety of pre-designed safety forms that you can customize and use in your office.

Agent Identification Form (DOC: 26 KB)
Agent Itinerary (DOC: 33 KB)
Office Safety Action Plan (DOC: 35 KB)
Prospect Identification Form (DOC: 31 KB)


Marketing Materials for Associations & Brokerages


Associations and brokerages can download these REALTOR® Safety flyers to distribute to their members or to print and display in their offices.


Download (601 KB)

flyer no accident

Download (217 KB)


Download (232 KB)


stay safe on the job year-round 8-22-2018 img

Download (450.42 KB)

REALTOR® Safety Program Logos:

Download (JPG: 540 x 315 pixels, 18.14 KB)
Download (JPG: 200 x 235 pixels, 14.66 KB)


Associations and brokerages are welcome to download the following banners and display them on their websites. Right click the image (GIF) you want and choose "Save as Image." Please ensure you link back to


Download (48,54 KB)


Download (25 KB)

think before you safety

Download (72 KB)

flyer 2

Download (27 KB)

safety is no accident

Download (39 KB)

safety video 468x60 v3

Download (28 KB)

safety video

Download (65 KB)

safety on the job

Download (19 KB)


Download (58 KB)

Safety Presenters

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Kimberly Allard-Moccia

Recommended by Peggy Duffy-Shea of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

John Bieber

Bieber Enterprises

Recommended by Ashley Wheeler of the Orlando Regional REALTORS® Association

Tracey Hawkins

Safety & Security Source

Since 2013, Tracey has authored several safety articles for NAR and hosted webinars.

Joshua Hill

Specializes in operational security, antiterrorism, physical security, specialized tactics, interrogation techniques, emergency management, and more.

Recommended by Brenna Burkhalter of Keller Williams Holt & Associates, and Jason Wilson of Wilson Realty Group, Keller Williams Realty Partners.

Adrian Manzanares

In 2015, Adrian hosted the spring NAR webinar and consulted on several safety projects. Adrian is a REALTOR® and a former law enforcement professional.

Pili Meyer

Recommended by Steve Klaniecki of the Washington REALTORS® Association

“She’s a good safety instructor.”

Paula Monthofer

Focus School of Real Estate (

Recommended by Lee Cooley, Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Linda O’Connor

LUX Realty North Shore

Recommended by Eric D. Berman of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

“She is a REALTOR® and teacher who is great and does a lot of teaching on open house safety.”

Michael Puente

Precision Tactical Solutions

Recommend by Sue Flucke of West USA Realty in Arizona

“They were terrific; especially, the information on open houses.”

Robert Siciliano

Recommended by Eric D. Berman of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

“He’s a national expert on safety…he’s done sessions at our conference and other training classes.”

Tamara Suminski

Tamara Suminski presented the NAR Safety Webinar in September 2017. 

Preston Taylor

Grand Traverse Protection

From 2013-2014, Preston hosted three NAR webinars and consulted on safety projects.

Andrea Tolbert

Recommended by Ashley Wheeler of the Orlando Regional REALTORS® Association

Legal Action Program

Provides financial assistance to support litigation of significance to the real estate industry and private property rights.


The latest from NAR about about COVID-19 (coronavirus), its impact on the real estate industry and events, and federal programs affecting REALTORS®.