This REALTOR® Safety Network was created to enable the National Association of REALTORS® to gather information about potential safety issues; share the information with the local/state association; and, when appropriate, issue alerts to members and AEs via social media using the hashtag #realtorsafetynetwork.

NAR will issue safety alerts only in instances where a threat to REALTOR® safety warrants national attention.

Qualifying Incidents

The following incidents will be considered for a REALTOR® Safety Network alert by NAR:

  • There is a widespread threat of some type affecting REALTORS®.
  • A REALTOR® or the immediate family member of a REALTOR® is missing and there is an open police investigation and the family seeks NAR’s assistance in publicizing the incident.
  • NAR learns that the association name or the names of its programs are being used fraudulently through a phishing scheme to attempt to collect money or information from REALTORS® or others.

What Information Is Required

Members and AEs can notify NAR about potential safety issues using an incident form. For reports about assaults against REALTORS® and missing persons, NAR requires basic details about the case (who, what, when, and where) and the name and contact information for law enforcement. For reports of phishing scams, NAR requires a copy of the email or web page that is using NAR’s name or the name of its programs fraudulently.

Incidents That Do Not Qualify for an Alert

NAR will not issue REALTOR® Safety Network alerts in the following instances:

  • Safety incidents that are not tied to a REALTOR®’s work situation, e,g., domestic violence reports.
  • Missing persons reports involving a REALTOR® or the family member of a REALTOR® in which the family doesn’t want NAR to issue an alert.
  • Reports of a potential hazard that are local in nature (e.g., an assault, suspicious behavior during a home search, environmental hazards near a listing) In these cases, NAR will reach out to ensure the local association has the information to issue an alert locally, if appropriate.
  • Missing persons reports that don’t involve a REALTOR® or immediate family member of a REALTOR®.
  • Missing pet reports.
  • Email messaging that inadvertently uses NAR or its trademarks incorrectly but there is no attempt to defraud recipients. Senders will be sent a cease-and-desist letter.
  • General concerns about community safety.
  • Reports warning other REALTORS® about deadbeat tenants or clients. If a real estate professional has obtained a judgment against a former tenant or client, NAR will ensure the local association has the information to issue an alert locally, if appropriate, based on the facts. Local associations should not disclose whether an individual has filed for bankruptcy, as there are penalties related to stigmatizing a debtor.
  • Complaints about the behavior of REALTORS® in the line of work. Generally, anyone submitting incident reports of this nature will be encouraged to contact the local association or, if appropriate, local law enforcement.

Content of Alerts

Alerts are issued via and other main social channels, as well as to Communications Directors and AEs through their closed Facebook groups.

Alerts are neutral in tone, not judgmental, and do not offer legal advice. They include basic facts about the situation; a law enforcement contact, if applicable; and a standing “Alert!” graphic.

NAR does not include names of suspects/perpetrators unless those persons are named in a law enforcement document related to the incident.

If there’s a local police website or news report that provides more detail, a link to that information is included. Every alert is review by NAR’s legal team before it is posted.

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