Rod Santomassimo

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau, CCIM

Cary, NC


Speaker fee: $3,000 plus expenses
Course length: 2-4 hours



Rod N. Santomassimo, CCIM, is the founder and president of The Massimo Group, a leading national commercial real estate coaching and consulting organization. Rod possesses 25 years of commercial real estate industry experience as a broker, owner, and manager of local, regional, and international firms.

Rod recognizes that individual broker success continues to be the No. 1 challenge and, as such, his focus is channeled to maximizing the individual broker's income through a series of interactive exercises and platforms. His firm is the fastest growing commercial real estate coaching and consulting organization in North America, based on its application of proprietary programs, processes, and technology to give their clients a competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Rod has been a featured guest speaker at scores of commercial real estate regional and national conferences. Rod is a two-time recipient of the Duke University Fuqua School of Business Impact Alumni of the Year Award based on his work with both graduate students and alumni in "Building a Personal Brand and Creative Approaches to Secure Greater Client/Prospect Opportunities."

Course Descriptions

R.AM.P. UP Your Brokerage Business!

This has been one of Rod's most requested programs! What drives true success in commercial real estate brokerage? What should you focus on to ensure thriving in today's opportunistic marketplace? Through a series of interactive exercises and analysis you will identify the specific success levers that will drive your personal productivity today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Winning Assignments

The market has changed, and you must change with it to win assignments today. With increased competition and the latest technology it is essential that you increase your "hit ratio" for winning assignments. This session will highlight a proven approach to winning more assignments and capturing a greater market share.

The Brokerage Pipeline is your Bloodline

Most brokers have some form of a "pipeline" but do not truly understand what it is telling them. The pipeline IS their commission bloodline. Using a specially designed Excel spreadsheet, participants will get a full understanding of their personal pipeline and will be better able to identify trends and opportunities -- and ultimately close more deals.

The "P Factor" Building a Proactive Prospecting and Presence Strategy

Prospecting will always be an essential part of the brokerage business. However prospecting is greatly enhanced when you have a market presence. Discover how to coordinate these tasks where they are not only manageable, but efficient and effective. Never hear "And who are you?" again!

Prospecting by Telephone - Welcome to the Warm Call

The cold call is dead. There is too much information available today not to proactively plan each call to a targeted audience. This session will focus on identifying the target audience, solidifying your message, and securing that meeting.

The Business School of Commercial Brokerage

Treat your personal brokerage practice like a business and you will create a platform for longevity and no longer frantically rely on "the next deal." Discover how top performers run their business and their key components to long-term success. Convert your approach to brokerage and convert your life.

Broker/Manager - Understanding and Maximizing Your Role

Whether you are an owner or manager or both, you must understand the responsibilities of your role and master the opportunities for greater productivity if you are going to rank among the top firms in your market. This session will present the insight you need to take your brokerage business to the next level.

Collect Commission, Not Just Data

Databases are not simply for collecting data; today's databases can also help you generate commissions! In this session, we will explore the many features that are available on the more popular databases utilized by commercial real estate professionals today and the benefits these features have on your bottom line. This isn't your daddy's Rolodex. Discover the best ways to use a database to run your business and give you a competitive advantage.

Building a Proactive Prospecting Strategy

Prospecting will always be an essential part of the brokerage business. However, prospecting is only as good as your targeted audience, the message you are delivering, and the methods in which you are delivering that message. In this session, you will learn the specific tactics that construct a proactive prospecting program as well as identify a customized approach that works best for you.

Building a Presence: How to Create and Coordinate a Personal Marketing Campaign

Creating a presence in today's market place is not only mandatory, it is essential. Presence can be created with a variety of methods and is not all digital. Discover how to coordinate these tasks where they are not only manageable, but efficient and effective. This is what separates the Top Performers from the rest of the competition.

The Art of the Deal

Targeted for new-to-business agents, this interactive workshop will dissect the specific components of a deal from idea to closing. Participants will walk away with a thorough understanding of the elements, roles and responsibilities involved in successful transaction procurement, management, and consummation.

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