Riding with the Brand

A nationwide, multi-stop member activation tour. State associations can participate and apply for grants to cover event costs.

Apply for Event Grant Funding

Vision and Purpose

Riding with the Brand 2023 is a nationwide, multi-stop association member activation tour. NAR will partner with state REALTOR® associations while conducting events across the country that showcase the value of REALTORS®, our association, and the importance of real estate and REALTORS® to local communities. We will engage with local elected officials, community leaders, and the media to highlight everything from market condition trends to REALTOR® supported programs and policy initiatives.


The goal is to engage thousands of members nationwide by executing visits that can support member engagement, member recruitment and retention, and community engagement. This multi-stop tour will feature pop-up events that showcase a branded vehicle with substantial facilities to capture member testimonials. Engaging activities will also be offered to help current and future member prospects learn about the vast array of benefits provided by local, state and national REALTOR® associations.

Participants Can Win a Custom Motorcycle

Participants can win a custom motorcycle with both the NAR and Riding with the Brand campaign themes. Members will have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide sweepstakes for this grand prize. All proceeds raised will funnel directly to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, which helps U.S. communities rebuild and recover after natural disasters and other destructive events. 

To enter, donate a minimum of $50 to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. Limit of three (3) separate Donation Entries per person.

The Story

In the Old West, when a cowboy rode for the brand, it meant they had signed on to the mission and goals of the ranch owner.
It meant they were committed and were a dedicated team player.
It meant that they promised to protect the brand as though it was their own.
The theme for 2023 is NOT riding for the brand but rather Riding WITH the Brand. Because you, the members of the National Association of REALTORS®, are the brand!
The brand is you, and the brand is us.
We are the brand; it’s who we are.
It's bigger than any one person, and for years, great leaders like you, have protected and safeguarded the brand.
Thank you for Riding with the Brand and giving your very best!
Our brand represents the best of people who truly love our community and the people who live in it!
Buckle up, we’re Riding with the Brand in 2023!

Three Ways for State Associations to Participate

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Incorporate a Riding with the Brand Event into an Existing Event

The RWTB pop-up event, vehicles, and resources, along with appearances from members of NAR Leadership, based on availability, can be a major feature for one of your annual events.  

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Stand-alone Riding with the Brand Celebration

Host an event to promote the Riding with the Brand campaign, to include participation by NAR Leadership and Riding with the Brand resources. 

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Host an Activity to Promote the Riding with the Brand Campaign to Your Members

This event or activity may or may not involve participation by NAR Leadership and full Riding with the Brand resources.

NAR Grant Funding Available to Support RWTB Events

The Riding with the Brand grant will provide state associations with assistance to help maximize their participation throughout 2023. Associations can use the grant to cover costs associated with hosting an event, or it can be used to partner and host a regional or combined event. RWTB vendor-related costs will be covered by NAR.

RWTB Grant Application Process

State associations may apply online for a RWTB grant anytime from August 8 through October 15, 2022, using the online application form.

Following the application review process, associations will be notified of grant approvals by October 31, 2022.

RWTB Grant Application Requirements

State associations' grant approvals are subject to the following requirements:

  • Submission of a completed RWTB application.
  • The activity is completed by the end of 2023.
  • An After-Action report is submitted following completion of the event or activity.
  • Any unused grant funds will be reimbursed to NAR.

The following are NOT eligible uses of grant funds:

  • REALTOR® association staff time/hours, including contract staff.
  • General operating expenses for the REALTOR® association or partner organization.
  • Donations to an organization or person.
  • Materials for construction/rehab of a property or the purchase of land.
  • Registration fees or travel expenses for REALTORS® attending events.
  • Fundraising contributions or money to hold a fundraiser.
  • Cash prizes or purchase of gifts and prizes.
  • In-house association classroom rental fee.
  • Activities that benefit a single/select group of property owner(s).

Please direct questions to RWTBGrant@nar.realtor.