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Cover of the Remodeling Impact: D.I.Y. report

Homeowners and renters remodel, redesign, and restructure their home for a variety of reasons. This report takes a deep dive into the differences between remodeling when hiring a professional compared to individuals who “do it yourself” (D.I.Y. ).

  • More than half of all home projects were done by hired professionals, compared to 56 percent of pet projects, which were D.I.Y. projects.
  • For home projects done by a hired professional, consumers reported a Joy Score of 9.6 and those who did the project themselves reported a Joy Score of 9.9.
  • Respondents who did pet projects and hired someone to complete a project reported a Joy Score of 9.3 and those who did the pet project themselves reported a Joy Score of 9.4.
  • Forty-one percent of consumers preferred hiring a professional on a project when they wanted the finished product to have better functionality or livability.
  • Projects that reflected adding the consumer’s personality to their home were twice as popular to D.I.Y. than hiring a professional.


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