NAR Region XIII Local Market Assessments: California, Guam and Hawaii


The fifth largest economy in the world and the most populous U.S. state, California is a hub of global business activity. Its economic strength stems from its size and the diversity of its industries, which include agriculture, manufacturing, biotechnology, aerospace-defense and, of course, technology, centered in Silicon Valley. California’s abundant natural and human resources—including 11 million immigrants—support this wide range of industries.

The state attracts more than $1 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) and brings in new skills, technology and research. The result is millions of new jobs, higher wages, and growing demand for local suppliers and logistics support. Together, these factors represent significant commercial and residential property opportunities for California REALTORS® who want to grow their business by tapping into global business opportunities.

Table: Top Sources of Foreign Direct Investment in California


The Western Pacific island of Guam is a territory of the United States. The largest of the Mariana and Micronesian islands, Guam draws visitors looking to get away and relax while enjoying its beautiful sand beaches and clear ocean waters. And with more than a dozen non-stop flights from cities in Asia and Hawaii (many just a four- to five-hour trip), Guam attracts interest from developers and second-home/retiree buyers—many of whom first traveled to Guam as a tourist. While the Guam market is small, global opportunities exist in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Infographic: North American Visitors to Guam


Located more than 2,000 miles off the west coast of the continental United States, Hawaii is perhaps the only U.S. state this is growing in size. The state sits atop a volcanic “hotspot,” and the magma flows continue to add to the land area. Hawaii’s economy has evolved from agrarian-based to where tourism constitutes the largest portion of the state’s GDP, providing underlying support for the residential and resort market. Some visitors to The Aloha State are so captivated by its subtropical climate and beauty that they decide to buy a home there. While foreign commercial investment is relatively small compared
to the continental U.S., the growing demand and limited land translate to solid yields, and Hawaii offers many investment property options.

These are just some factors representing global business opportunities for REALTORS® in Hawaii. Follow these steps to learn
more and to pursue international real estate opportunities.

Pie chart: Top Sources of Foreign Direct Investment in Hawaii

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