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In recent years, the National Association of REALTORS® has heard concerns regarding a perceived shortage in appraisers. NAR is also aware of reports of long turnaround times for appraisals, higher and/or rush fees in certain areas, and difficulty in bringing new appraisers into the profession. NAR seeks research to determine whether a shortage of appraisers exists and to what extent, as well as to further explore the other issues facing the appraisal profession.


  • Satisfaction with most tested aspects of the appraiser’s work is low.
  • The typical respondent planned to remain an appraiser for 12.2years, but some were planning to leave sooner.
  • Regulation and compensation are the highest ranked reasons for leaving among the minority of respondents who are unlikely to stay in the field for another 5 years.
  • Few appraisers currently train newcomers to the field, though most have done training in the past.
  • Over one-third of current trainers do so for no compensation.
  • Appraisal compensation appears responsive to the increased demands of short turn-around and unique properties.


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