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September/October 2018: Disruption

Technology has freed up time and space for you to grow your business. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities? Blockchain developments stand to change real estate in myriad ways. Find out how transactions will become safer.  Selling to an Algorithm: what's it really like to work with iBuyers? How four tech startups are helping to strengthen real estate pros' relationships with clients. Off-MLS properties are causing consternation in some markets. Here's how to avoid unethical marketing practices while addressing clients' desire for privacy. Why Appraisers Matter: computers won't replace humans in determining home values. 

Plus: NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall talks about the importance of cultivating a compelling online presence in your business and a new plan to boost professionalism. And NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says predictions of a nationwide housing slowdown are not supported by data.


How Disruption Works in Your Favor
As technology reshapes the real estate transaction, stay mindful of all you bring to the table.

Forget Bitcoin—4 Ways to Use Blockchain Today
Though cryptocurrencies snag all the attention around blockchain, its other applications are more likely to disrupt real estate.

When You’re Selling to an Algorithim
Agents reveal the ins and outs of working with “iBuyers.”

Managing the Disruption From Pocket Listings
How brokerages and MLSs are coping with the effects of growing off-MLS listings.

Why Appraisers Matter
Automated valuation models are tools, not solutions.

Embracing Change



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