For 25 years,® has partnered with REALTORS® to help consumers win. When consumers win, we all win, together.® makes buying, selling, renting, and living in homes easier and more enjoyable for everyone. They adapt to changing consumer needs while keeping REALTORS® as a core part of the journey.

Highlights of®:

  • One of the most-visited real estate sites in the U.S., attracting an average of more than 100 million unique users every month.
  • Primary sponsor of the Good Neighbor Awards and recently donated $200,000 to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation as part of NAR’s 20th Anniversary Campaign for the RRF, Hope Rising.

Move, Inc. operates®. Move is part of the News Corp network. News Corp acquired Move, Inc. in November 2014.

News Corp is the world’s largest digital real estate provider and a global media company with brands like The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and Barron’s.

NAR does not own Move. Move licenses the REALTOR® trademark and the® URL from NAR. NAR does not determine Move’s product offerings, pricing, or terms and conditions.

No NAR member dues dollars go to fund the site.


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Taking a Collaborative Approach® is here to support and grow with you — not compete and take your business.® invests significantly in consumer marketing programs to attract eyeballs and drive demand for listing properties, which ultimately helps REALTORS® and consumers.® doesn’t disintermediate REALTORS®.

  • NO for-sale-by-owner listings (FSBOs).
  • Free ratings, reviews, and profiles that raise your brand awareness, global listing exposure, and listing brokerage attribution on top and bottom of all listing detail pages.
  • REALTOR® Block “R” on all REALTOR® Listing Display and Profile pages.® helps by reaching more buyers and sellers and giving consumers a way to search for REALTORS® across the country. Create or update your free® profile today. Visit Profile Support for free tools and webinars to power up your profile.

Your Industry Partner® considers NAR and its members valued industry partners.

They provide free resources on special areas of the® site just for their industry partners, including:

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The® for Professionals app. available on Android and iOS, can help agents and brokers convert leads thanks to streamlined engagement, tracking and management tools, and optional real-time notification alerts.

Flexibility and Choice®’s marketing, lead generation, and referral solutions offer REALTORS® options for building their brands and businesses.

Their products are built with shared economic success in mind. They don’t win unless you grow your business and increase ROI.

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