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May/June 2020: How COVID-19 Is Changing Your Business

Adjusting to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate pros have displayed creativity and drive. The efficiencies resulting from wider adoption of tech tools may be hard to give up once the pandemic abates.

Plus, new practices to keep moving forward, advocacy that's working for you, and skill-building tools from NAR.


Telling Your Story in Washington
NAR brings its advocacy might to bear 52 weeks a year; the significance of that effort becomes clear in the most challenging of times.

Advocacy Wins
REALTORS® are tackling issues in their own backyards—with support from their associations.

Why I Vote, Act, and Invest
Two REALTORS® describe their wake-up call to association involvement.


COVID-19 and Real Estate

The Gentrification Conversation

Understanding Hidden Bias

Spotlight on First-Time Buyers

Are ‘Hot Rooms’ Cooling?

Behind the Win on Terrorism Risk Insurance

Money Issues After a Failed Sale

Our Resiliency Will Pull Us Through


We're All In This Together

In The Trenches: Every Step of the Way


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