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March/April 2018: How Vulnerable Are You?

Table of Contents

In Print


Risky Business

Balancing Safety and Your Online Presence

Don’t Get ‘Pwned’: Keep Your Data Secure

The Aftermath of a Tech Attack

Fighting Fire With Knowledge


In the Trenches: ‘Come Take a Peek’

Fair Housing Is Our Business

Top of Mind

Tax Reform and the Marketplace

What’s Driving Inflation

Forecast Calls for Slight Gain in Home Sales

Staying Mum on Multiple Offers

50 Years of Fair Housing Training

How to...

Should You Give Showing Feedback?


News & Commentary

Say These Words to Earn Client Loyalty

6 Criteria for Finding Your Perfect Niche

6 Buzzworthy Marketing Trends You Can Use

Quick Start: Fundamental Real Estate Skills

8 Ways New Agents Can Be Empowered

Overcome Client Misconceptions About AVMs

Sales & Marketing

Dos and Don’ts of Screening Tenants Legally

Law & Ethics

12 Upgrades for Your Car, Office, Marketing

Optimize Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategy

11 Gadgets Making Homes Even Smarter

Would an Electric Car Improve Your Efficiency?

The Mythical Value of Smart Homes

Automate Your Marketing Without Turning Into a Robot

When Does Photoshopping Go Too Far?

Gear You Need to Shoot Pro Listing Photos

Amateur vs. Pro Photos: See the Difference

Smart-Home Tech Brings New Cyber Risks

Home & Design

Just How Important Is a Bathtub for Resale?

How to Stage With 18th Century Style

Forge Lasting Contractor Relationships

For Brokers

A Brokerage POV on Combatting Scammers

Dealing With Mental Illness in the Workplace

Working Backwards to Reach Goals

Don’t Sweat Facebook’s Newsfeed Changes

Steps to Take When an Agent Isn’t Stepping Up

Does Your Brand Really Matter?

5 Fundamentals a Real Estate Safety Program Must Have

It's Never Too Late to Start (or Relaunch) a Blog

Working with Divorcées

Teaching Agents How to Leverage Social Media


Are Cell Tower Leases in Your Sight?

Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate

Building Successful Companies by Assembling Great Teams

Realtormag Blogs

Speaking of Real Estate

Styled, Staged & Sold

The Weekly Book Scan

YPN Lounge

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