Who: Get more out of every trip with Avis®. Avis Rent A Car System LLC and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known travel brands with 5,000+ locations in more than 165 countries. 

What: Enjoy exclusive travel savings and perks as an NAR member.

1. Save up to 25% off base rates on car rentals at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada.
2. Avis coupons can be combined with your regular NAR discount for greater savings. See promotional coupons found below.

A Message From Avis

Enhanced protocols and safety measures. Learn more about what we are doing in response to COVID-19.

How: Include the Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) code #A009701 when making a reservation to receive your exclusive savings and benefits. This discount code must be included at time of reservation in order to receive the discount benefit. Also make sure to include a promotion coupon, if applicable, for maximum savings.

Visit www.avis.com/nar to make your reservation, or call 800-525-7551 for questions and assistance in making your reservation over the phone. 

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Promotional Offers

Whether it's for business or leisure, NAR members will get to their destination the way they want to go with more savings, rewards, and service benefits on car rentals in the U.S. and Canada. Avis coupons can be combined with your regular NAR discount for greater savings.

  • 10% off local car rental in your neighborhood: A local car rental is a safe, sanitary way to travel when other transportation options are unavailable or inadvisable. Pick up a neighborhood car rental at an Avis near you. Use AWD# A009701. Rental must begin by June 30, 2021. Advance reservation is required. Terms and conditions apply, see site for details.
  • Take $10 to $25 off base rates when you spend $100 or more at participating airport locations. Use AWD# A009701 and coupon code MUGA078. Rental must begin by March 15, 2021. Advance reservation is required. Terms and conditions apply, see site for details.

Explore additional promotional offers at Avis.com/NAR.

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Download the Avis® App

The new Avis® app is here. Push notifications confirm the make and model of your assigned vehicle, the space location, and options to exchange the car. You’ll also be able to track the Avis Courtesy Bus, lock and unlock the car with your phone, and find gas and parking. Returning your vehicle is also fast.

Step 1: Register for Avis Preferred
Step 2: Download the Avis app from the App Store or Google Play
Step 3: Reserve and control your car rental from beginning to end

Avis App

Skip the Lines and the Counter With Avis “Preferred”

NAR members have access to the Avis “Preferred” Program, a complimentary service that allows you to keep your personal car rental preferences on file, and skip the rental counter and the paperwork every time you rent from Avis. Go straight to your car with no waiting. Enrollment is free and easy. For more information, visit www.avis.com/nar.

Avis® Green Vehicles

Avis is trying harder to manage the environmental aspects of the vehicle rental business, and to ensure the responsible use of natural resources.

  • Avis’ specialty Eco-Rides fleet is exclusively comprised of gas/electric hybrids or SmartWay Elite certified vehicles.
  • Avis vehicles are more energy efficient than older or poorly-maintained vehicles, and that keeps fuel costs low. This fleet averages less than six months on the road and the vehicles undergo regular preventive maintenance and emission inspections.
  • Avis car wash systems recycle and reuse at least 80% of wastewater. In addition, Avis recycles used motor oil, oil filters, parts and brake cleaner fluids at corporate maintenance facilities. 

Products and Services

Avis exclusive service benefits include:

  • Where2® GPS – State-of-the-art GPS system that guides through every mile of your trip, giving you clear, simple directions, real-time road conditions and much more.
  • Avis e-Receipt – Within 24 hours of returning your vehicle, you’ll have your Avis receipt e-mailed to you, free of charge. It’s a convenient way to avoid lost receipts, complete expense reports, and save time when returning your car.
  • Avis e-Toll – Leave those long toll lines behind. Pay electronically by driving through designated electronic toll collection lanes.
  • More Locations – With over 900 neighborhood locations, Avis is right there when you need a car, offering free local pick-up service at participating locations, special local market corporate rates and Vehicle Replacement rates and services.


Program availability and eligibility requirements may vary by partner program. See partner websites for details, terms and conditions.