Members TeleHealth is a healthcare service for NAR members and family members supported by Teladoc Health that offers convenient, confidential access to quality doctors 24/7, anytime, anywhere. By scheduling a visit with one of their U.S. board-certified and licensed medical doctors, you can be diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication if necessary.

What can I use Members TeleHealth for?

Members TeleHealth can help you with everyday, non-emergency healthcare issues, including: 

  • Sinus problems 
  • Allergies 
  • Flu symptoms 
  • And much more 

Skip the waiting room and the trip to the ER. Members TeleHealth powered by Teladoc is here to help you feel better, faster, and get you back to living your life. 

Does Members TeleHealth replace my doctor?

No. Members TeleHealth does not replace your primary care doctor. The service should be used for non-emergency illnesses when it is not convenient to get to the doctor or outside of regular office hours. 

How to Enroll

To get started and learn more: Enroll Now In Members TeleHealth 

For questions call: 833-223-3892 

About REALTORS® Insurance Place

Members TeleHealth is available through REALTORS® Insurance Place. It features a robust selection of health insurance and wellness products available to NAR members, including Major Medical health insurance options, REALTORS® Dental Insurance, REALTORS® Vision Insurance, and more. Shop, quote, and enroll in the program of your choice within minutes. 

Licensed benefits specialists are available to help members navigate insurance options and consultative services are complimentary. 

Have your 9-digit Member ID number handy. If you do not know your Member ID number, you may look it up here.