Meet the New RCEs (Winter 2013)

These 23 REALTOR® association executives earned their RCE (Realtor® association Certified Executive) designation after an extensive course of study and exam in November.

RCE is the only professional designation created specifically for Realtor® association executives. It exemplifies goal-oriented AEs with drive, experience, and commitment to professional growth. Candidates earn the designation by accumulating points through an experience- and education-based application form and a comprehensive written exam. For more on the RCE designation, visit the RCE Designation page on

Anne Cockayne, RCE, Florida Association of REALTORS®

Christy Conway, RCE, Georgia Association of REALTORS®

Sheila Dodson, RCE, Coastal Association of REALTORS®, Md.

Brenda Florida, RCE, Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®

Glenda Gasparine, RCE, Wheeling Board of REALTORS®, W.V.

Lisa Gilbert, RCE, Scenic Coast Association of REALTORS®, Calif.

William Haithcock, RCE, Harrisonburg Rockingham Association of REALTORS®, Va.

Erin Hervey, RCE, Missouri Association of REALTORS®

Rob Hulse, RCE, Lawrence Board of REALTORS®, Kan.

Julie Luper, RCE, Michigan Association of REALTORS®

Megan Meyer-Foos, RCE, Toledo Board of REALTORS®, Ohio

Norman Morris, RCE, CAE, Louisiana REALTORS® Association

Thomas O’Bryant, RCE, Greater Fort Lauderdale Association of REALTORS®, Fla.

Susan Page, RCE, Southeastern Indiana Board

Paul Rainey, RCE, Oregon Association of REALTORS®

Donna Reynolds, RCE, Santa Fe Association of REALTORS®, N.M.

Russell Salzman, RCE, CAE, Institute of Real Estate Management, Ill.

Rhonda Sims, RCE, Northwest Arkansas Board of REALTORS®

Clint Skutchan, RCE, Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®, Colo.

David Tanner, RCE, Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, Calif.

La Trenda Tyler-Jones, RCE, Columbus Board of REALTORS®, Ga.

Rick Vernon, RCE, Coeur D’Alene Association of REALTORS®, Idaho

James Yockel, RCE, Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS®, N.Y.