How to Save Money Around Your Home

How do you save money around your house? We give tips to save money on utility expenses, cable bills, and other household costs. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun shares the outlook for the 2024 real estate market to give home buyers and sellers an idea of what they can expect in housing inventory and median home prices. REALTOR® Chris Pelkola Lee from Idaho shares how homeowners are updating windows and appliances to make their homes more energy efficient and discusses how new homes are being built to account for where the sun faces, to cut down costs. Financial advice author and host of “Money Girl Podcast” Laura Adams gives tips on how to save money on your home insurance. Zamir Ahmed from the National Association of Broadcasters talks NextGen TV and the impact it may have on your cable bill. And is cardboard or bouclé furniture hot or not? Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know.