Buying a Second Home to Escape the Winter Weather

It’s time to move south for the winter. REALTOR® Barb Sukkau from Ontario explains what people are looking for in a second home in a warmer climate and how they go about buying it. REALTOR® Kathy Dunn from Tennessee discusses people who move “halfback” and why sometimes moving to Florida may not be the ideal scenario for many trying to avoid the cold. Craig Venezia, author of Buying a Second Home: Income, Getaway or Retirement, explains how to get prepared to buy that second home, how to maintain it, and how to pay for it. REALTOR® Chad Pederson from Minnesota talks about what he tells clients looking to move south and why many keep the vacation cabin up north but sell the primary home. And, Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know if accent doors, rose gold, and showing artwork on your tv are still hot home trends.