For more than a century, federal antitrust laws have existed as a way to promote competition and prevent monopolies in business. Because real estate brokers and salespeople frequently cooperate with one another in the sale of properties, they have numerous opportunities to engage in conduct that might be construed as violations of antitrust laws. Do you know the ins and outs of antitrust?
Think you're pretty well versed in federal fair housing law? Answer these 12 questions to see whether you're ready to tout your fair housing know-how to your clients and customers.
With a better understanding of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, you can help clients hang on to their wealth and defer capital-gains taxes by reinvesting proceeds from the sale of a business or investment property. In the meantime, you may even open the door to a new niche. This quiz, developed with the help of experts at Miami-based Bayview Financial Exchange Services, will help you get started.
Before you jump into the hot foreclosure market, test your knowledge to make sure you’re not getting in over your head. Our interactive quiz clears up popular misconceptions and helps you gain a more complete understanding of foreclosure — including how to help home owners avoid it.
Only 11 percent of buyers and 28 percent of sellers choose a real estate practitioner based on their previous experience with that person, according to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Those numbers show that there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to garnering repeat business. Take this quiz to find out if you’re doing what it takes to keep customers for life.
There are many obstacles that can get in the way of a successful closing. The best real estate practitioners know how to prepare their clients well for settlement day and handle any unexpected events that happen along the way. Take this quiz to see if you know how to respond to situations and questions that arise around closing time.
When you work in real estate, you’re constantly in the public eye. It’s important to keep up a professional image and use proper business etiquette. Former real estate broker Anna Wildermuth, who is now an executive image consultant with Chicago-based Personal Images Inc., helped us create this quiz so you can fine-tune your public image.