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Summer 2007 Take Political Action

Picking a Winner
Tips and strategies from Realtor® association GADs on choosing candidates to back with your association’s support and money.
By C. Warren


Lobbying Success
Adopt these best practices from Realtor® association lobbyists to your political program. By Bridget McCrea

Know Your Issues
10 political hot button issues every association should know.
By Carolyn


Get Members Elected
Thousands, of Realtors® serve as elected and appointed officials nationwide. Here’s how to encourage your members to run for office?
By George G. Culpepper Jr.

Chair Report
Political Priority
By Walt


Executive Briefing
Association News and Events
By Carolyn Schwaar

Political Action
Promote Workforce Housing
By Christine Corrado


Legal Update
Keep Your Tax Status
By Nan Roytberg

Small Board Spotlight
Launch a Political Program
By Chip


Best Practices
Get Out the Vote
By Carolyn Schwaar