REALTOR AE Magazine, Winter 2008 Contents

Build Your Stength

The Power of Mentoring
AEs share the tips and tricks that have helped make them successful. 
By Carolyn Schwaar 

Flex Your Expertise 
Seasoned AEs agree that information sharing leads to more payoffs than drawbacks. 
By Bridget McCrea 

Second AE Career 
Giving back to the AE community is just one reason retired AEs turn to Realtor® association consulting. 
By Dave Copeland 


Chair Report
Our unique community. 
By Diane Ruggerio, AEC Chair

Realtor® association news, events, people, and programs. 
By Carolyn Schwaar 

GADs learn from battles in neighboring states. 
By Kelly Wingard

Law & Policy
How to hire a lawyer. 
By Katherine Raynolds

AEs share 10 tips and tools that changed the way they work. 
By Ken Wysocky

Generations: What young AEs need.

Rewards of committee involvement.

Cover: By Nick Rotondo


Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy identifies, inspires and mentors emerging leaders from the local and state level for the National Association of REALTORS®.