REALTOR AE Magazine, Summer 2009 Contents

Leadership in Challenging Times
Today, AEs say the qualities leaders need most are realism, decisiveness, and the ability to hold the team together.
By Masha Zager

5 Inspirational Association Presidents
Get to know five inspirational leaders who are making a difference among their fellow REALTORS®, bettering their communities, and improving their local marketplaces.
By Carolyn Schwaar

Chair Report
The Art of Leadership.
By Gary Clayton, AEC


Briefing: Realtor® association news, events, people, and programs.
By Carolyn Schwaar

Law & Policy
Do your leaders know their fiduciary duty?
By Ralph


AE Career
Prove your value with better communication.
By Leonard Pfeiffer

From the Field
Clearly establish and communicate expectations with leadership.
By Alice


HR Connection
How to reward staff with alternative work schedules.
By Donna Garcia

Best Practices
Five tips for filling your committees with volunteers.
By Melynn Sight

Cover art: By Nick Rotondo