REALTOR AE Magazine, Spring 2009 Contents

Boards and Blogs
At least a dozen REALTOR® associations with blogs believe the medium will help build a more informed, connected, and engaged membership. It may be too early to tell, though, whether REALTOR® association blogs can deliver on that promise.

8 Great REALTOR® Association Blogs
Learn who’s blogging, why, and what they’ve learned in these informative snapshots.

Chair Report: The Art of Engagement.
By Gary Clayton, AEC Chair

Briefing: REALTOR® association news, events, people, and programs.
By Carolyn


Technology: Time to start text messaging members?
By Amy DuBose

Perspective: What I learned from my personal blog.
By Cindy Butts

Law & Policy: Do you have a social media policy?
By Katherine Raynolds

Government: How initiative-based advocacy works.
By Brian Bernardoni

HR Connection: Update your technology use policy.
By Donna Garcia

From the Field: Monitor and protect your reputation online.
By Alice Martin

Cover: By Nick Rotondo