Fall 2011 topics

Local, State, & National Advocacy
Get On Board!

Better Advocacy Through Technology
From LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter, social media and other communication technologies are amplifying GADs’ voices.
By Masha Zager

Which Candidates Deserve Your Support?
By C. Warren Wakeland and Carolyn Schwaar

How and Why to Get Members Elected
The benefits to the real estate industry are clear, but what about the advantages to REALTOR® associations? Should you encourage members to run for office?
By George G. Culpepper Jr. and Carolyn Schwaar

What If REALTORS® Didn’t Lead?
By Carolyn Schwaar

Chair Report
Politics Is Your Business.
By Steve Francks, AEC Chair

Briefing, AE News, Events, and People
REALTOR® association news, events, people, and programs.
By Carolyn Schwaar

Small Board
Community Leadership Starts With Small Steps.
By Amy DuBose

Talking About Advocacy in Members’ Language.
By Melynn Sight

Law & Policy
Evolving Marriage Laws.
By Finley Maxson

AE Profile
Robert Broome, government affairs director of the Atlanta Board of REALTORS® and the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®.