Contents Winter 2010

Relationships Built on Trust
Trust empowers talented AEs to take risks and make unconventional moves. So how do you gain the trust of your leadership and members? Veteran AEs offer advice.
By Masha Zager

Chair Report: Today’s new transparency.
By Dave Phillips, RCE, CAE, AEC Chair

Briefing: REALTOR® association news, events, people, and programs.
By Carolyn Schwaar

From the Field: Let’s all just get along.
By Alice Martin, RCE, CAE

HR Connection: How to craft a smooth exit strategy.
By Donna Garcia

Leadership: From the head to the heart.
By Saul Klein, e-PRO, GRl

Law & Policy: Association counsel, a relationship of trust.
By Michael Thiel

Your Career: Why you need to be severance savvy.
By Leonard Pfeiffer

Technology: Free tools and time savers for organizations just like yours.
By Bridget McCrea

Budget: How to write a request for proposal (RFP) and save on services.
By Amanda J. Sacco

Best Practices: Commit to your professional development to gain members’ trust.
By Melynn Sight