Describing Your Global Services

You may want to “go global” on your home page, or you may prefer to use a primary web page (in the main navigation of your website) that says more about your global real estate services.

Most of your potential clients won’t know the CIPS acronym, so you should educate them on your training and special skills and how you can help them achieve their goals. Utilize terms they recognize and use when searching for the services you offer. Consider the particular phrases and words they will probably use to ask questions—or enter into Google or another search engine.

At the bottom of this page is an example of “general” global real estate copy for an index page or linked primary page. (You, of course, will need to focus your own version on your specific areas of expertise with the related keywords and keyword phrases.)

Notice how this list uses many of the key terms you are going to want to “hit” on your website? In this example, the keywords/phrases include: USA, real estate, state, international citizen living in the USA, different country, United States Citizen, overseas, United States of America, globe, global real estate, global relocation, global relocation expert, residential property, international, international citizen, retire, retirement, travel, CIPS, Certified International Property Specialist, REALTOR®, relocate, expat.

Gain extra strength with search engines by linking (the words in bold) to pages or articles on your site that offer more information on each topic—and repeat the key terms on those pages too.

Note: Although the text in the section below is offered for your consideration, please do not copy it verbatim and post it to your website. (Doing so will cause your site to contain identical content to others who may do the same thing, which will hurt rather than help your rankings.) Do use it as an example of how to construct your own bulleted list of services using terms specific to your global business niche.


Moving to the USA? Need help finding real estate in the United States? I can help you locate and purchase the residential property you need.

Are you an international citizen living in the USA who needs to move to a new area? I can help you relocate to a new area, a different state, or even a different country.

Are you a United States Citizen looking for property overseas? Do you want a global relocation expert? Let me help you find the perfect place to call home.

Do you want to invest in property inside the United States of America or across the globe? I can help you with all your global real estate needs.

Planning to retire? Want to travel and eventually settle down and enjoy your retirement years overseas? As a REALTOR® with the Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS) designation, I can help you navigate the process, help you relocate and settle in, and answer your questions about being an expat along the way


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