REALTOR® Party Toolkits and Publications

Fair Housing Resources

Get the latest fair housing information for REALTORS® and resources to share, including publications, information on Fair Housing Month, tools and products.
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Employer-Assisted Housing Guide:

Develop an Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) Initiative to address the housing challenges facing working families in your community. The Guide provides resources to help you plan and organize an initiative, such as a forum for stakeholders or outreach to local employers. The HOP grant can help fund your initiative.
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Workforce Housing Forums & Workforce Housing Guide

NAR has held over ten workforce housing forums across the country and now encourages REALTOR® associations to do the same in their communities. We provide technical and financial assistance to help you plan, organize and conduct a forum to address your community’ s workforce housing needs. We have also created a Forum Guide that includes tips and tools for setting goals, identifying partners, selecting speakers, managing resources, handling logistics; and examples of successful forums conducted by other associations.
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Housing Opportunity Toolkit

Use this online toolkit as a “how to” guide for creating and sustaining affordable housing opportunities, including instructions for hosting housing opportunity events, tips for applying for grants, best practices and more.
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Land Use Initiative, Memo Database & Growth Management Fact Book

Get an analysis of pending local land-use regulations and ordinances. Use this service to help craft your association’s response to proposed local ordinances in a way that best supports your members. Or use the Memo Database and Growth Management Fact Book to research various land use management proposals and their impact on the real estate industry.
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Placemaking Program & Guide

Placemaking activities transforms neglected, public spaces into vibrant, community gathering places to enhance a neighborhood. If you want to help spruce up a vacant lot, deserted block or abandoned park in your community, our Placemaking Guide, series of webinars, resources and technical and financial assistance are here to help.
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On Common Ground Magazine

Published twice a year, On Common Ground contains articles on cutting-edge land planning and development techniques. Order bulk amounts of this magazine to use as a leave-behind when visiting local officials or provide NAR with a mailing list and leave the delivery to us.
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Smart Growth Toolkit

Use this online toolkit to get up to speed on land use and development practices that can be used to solve a variety of community growing pains.
Download (PDF: 4.4 MB)

Public School Toolkit

Use this online toolkit for the nuts and bolts of public school policies and techniques.
Download (PDF: 6.9 MB)

Water Infrastructure Toolkit

Use this online toolkit as grounding in the basic issues of water infrastructure and to point to further resources. Help REALTORS® be strong advocates for their customers’ water rights and find solutions to infrastructure challenges.
Download (PDF: 1.6 MB)

Transportation Toolkit

Use this online toolkit as a blueprint for your association to learn about the issues surrounding transportation that impact your members and community.
Download (PDF: 7.2 MB)

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