There’s Something About Homeownership

The American Dream of homeownership is alive and well, according to a majority of renters surveyed for the NAR 2013 National Housing Pulse Survey. The survey found that more renters are thinking about becoming homeowners than in past years and the number of Americans who prefer to rent is declining. Thirty-six percent of renters said they were thinking about purchasing a home, compared to only 25 percent in 2011. 

Americans’ concerns about home values continuing to drop have also diminished. A majority of respondents revealed that housing prices in their area are higher than last year, and 38 percent reported an increase in local housing market activity in the past year.

Story Springboard

  • “A place to call home.”

Consumer attitudes are turning toward a more positive outlook. When asked why owning a home is so important, respondents cited their desire for building equity, having stability and security, and enjoying the freedom to choose where to live.

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