Realtors® Hard at Work

A recent NAR Economist Outlook blog post focuses on the increased business activity of Realtors® from data in NAR’s 2013 Member Profile. The data revealed increased productivity among Realtors®, with the typical agent completing 12 residential transactions, up from 10 transactions in 2011 and eight in 2010. Also, 26 percent reported having at least one commercial transaction in 2012; members who specialized in commercial real estate typically had a total of 10 transactions.

Years of real estate experience seemed to impact the number of sales, according to the survey findings. Realtors® with two or less years of experience had a median of four transactions. Brokerage specialists with 16 years or more experience had a median of 13 transactions. Also, the typical Realtor® worked 40 hours per week in 2012.

Story Springboard

  • "Working 9 to 5..."

For the past several years, the typical Realtor® has reported working 40 hour weeks; managers and appraisers reported working the most hours, at 50 per week. Ask a Realtor® what a typical work day looks like for them. Where does their business activity fall within the work week?