Nationwide Open House

From coast to coast, the largest open house weekend in the country will take place Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21, 2013. The 2013 REALTOR® Nationwide Open House event will bring buyers and sellers together, and is an opportunity for REALTOR® to engage consumers about the benefits of homeownership and issues affecting their community. Residents will get the chance to meet their neighbors and learn a little more about their neighborhood and the housing opportunities available to them.

REALTORS® will be present at the open houses to offer their expert knowledge and insight into the local housing market and answer questions from consumers about the buying and selling process.

Story Springboard

  • “Let’s go see some houses!”

Talk to a REALTOR® about the Nationwide Open House weekend. Find out about planned open houses in your area. How are sellers preparing for the event? Are they planning any special activities to encourage buyers to come in and take a look? Talk to REALTORS® about what goes into prepping a home for an open house showing. Talk to buyers to see if they plan to be out and about that weekend.