Green Features Add Value

Going green has proven to be more than a trend; many people seek out this way of living. NAR’s 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found that buyers placed a high importance on energy efficiency when searching for a home. Features that affect monthly energy costs are frequently cited as the most important; in fact, 39 percent of home buyers said heating and cooling costs were the most important green feature of a home, followed by energy efficient appliances and lighting, at 24 percent each.

The importance of green features also varies regionally, with northeastern and southern buyers placing more importance on a home’s heating and cooling costs in their decision making process.

Story Springboard

  • "Green saves green!”

Talk to a Realtor® about the growing popularity of green properties. Ask them how marketing green properties differs from marketing properties that aren’t green. Talk to buyers for insights into why green features are important.


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