Assistance Required

Selling a home is no easy process. There are over 20 steps involved from beginning to end, and successfully accomplishing each step requires not just expertise but also time. According to NAR’s 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, sellers are turning to real estate agents at historically high rates. In recent transactions, 88 percent of home sales were agent assisted. Only nine percent of recent sellers reported selling on their own.

Sellers trying to go it alone reported that understanding and performing the paperwork was the most difficult task. The task reported as second most difficult was getting the price right and preparing and fixing up the home for sale. NAR’s 2012 Member Profile also revealed evidence of excessively tight credit conditions. Difficulty in obtaining mortgage financing was reported by 30 percent of all Realtors® as the most important factor limiting potential clients in completing a transaction.

Story Springboard

Getting Professional Help Talk to a Realtor® about the home selling process. Have they worked with clients who at first attempted to sell on their own? Ask them for insights into the challenges these home owners faced. What resources can Realtors® leverage to benefit home sellers? Talk to sellers in your area who are using a Realtor® and those who may be going it alone. What do they see as the pros and cons?