Why Oklahoma City Realtors Are Doubling Down on DEI Initiatives Even as Critics Decry Them –The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman

Undaunted by attacks on DEI — "diversity, equity and inclusion" — OKC-area Realtors® are plunging forward with it to get their ranks aligned with the changing makeup of Oklahoma City. Members of five boards of Realtors® and four other real estate-related groups met recently for an event billed as "Celebrating Diversity Together." Realtors® are state-licensed real estate agents who also are members of the trade group National Association of Realtors®, which encourages state and local boards to form DEI committees. Whether or not it's called "DEI," promoting diversity isn't new to OKC-area Realtors®, who see it as a natural extension of their obligation to uphold fair housing laws prohibiting discrimination. "We are very proud of the event and the initiatives that we are taking as organizations," said Adam Majorie, CEO of the Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors®. Other Realtor® groups participating were the Edmond Board of Realtors®, the Midwest City-Del City-Moore Association of Realtors®, the Norman Board of Realtors® and the Oklahoma Association of Realtors®. "It is incumbent upon Realtor® organizations at all levels to ensure our membership represents and reflects the communities we serve," Majorie said. "There are two main paths. One, ensuring historically underrepresented demographics are exposed to the real estate profession at an earlier age; and two, charting a path where being a real estate professional is not a second or third career.

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