Message From 2021 NAR President Charlie Oppler on Pandemic Safety

2021 NAR President Charlie Oppler

The National Association of REALTORS® and our 1.5 million members are consistent advocates for private property and home ownership as part of our broader efforts to represent our members, fight for diversity and inclusion, and build stronger communities.

Safety is paramount in everything we do, and that includes ensuring both our members and their clients are taking every possible precaution when showing properties. We must remain diligent.

Today, I am asking every REALTOR® and their clients to wear a mask and to continue practicing social distancing whenever possible. Every opportunity to flatten the curve on the latest Delta Variant of COVID-19 is a step forward. Although we cannot mandate vaccinations, we remain encouraged by increases in the vaccinated population. Safety protocols like those recently enforced at both iOi Summit in Dallas and Leadership Week in Chicago are great examples of tangible steps we can take to promote safety and sensibility at our in-person meetings.

Together, we can make a difference. Like our unified voice on Capitol Hill and in our communities across this country, remaining “One Together” will help us strive toward the well-being and safety of all!

Thank you for your continued support. Masked REALTORS® are safer REALTORS®!



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