When it comes to making decisions at the national level, NAR's committees, advisory boards, forums, and councils are the first place where ideas are discussed and voted upon before being approved by the Board of Directors. 

WCR Meeting, November 2019

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Why Serve on a National Committee?

Committees help shape the direction of NAR and its policies. If you want your voice to be heard and want to contribute to the decision-making process, NAR's committees are a great forum for debate and discussion. Experience on national committees is beneficial for those interested in seeking a future leadership role.

How Do I Get Involved?

There are three main stages in the committee selection process. The first stage is the committee application period from April to May the year prior to the appointment year. A member expertise profile is required to show Leadership the experience you have beyond what is written in the application form.

The second stage is the selection process. State Association Executives have an opportunity to review and rank applications and provide feedback on applications for their state. All appointments are approved by the incoming President.

The final stage is the notification process. Chairs and vice chairs receive an appointment letter between mid-July and late August. All other positions receive an appointment letter via email in early October.

What If I Don’t Get Selected?

Unfortunately, with just 2,500 positions available, NAR is unable to appoint everyone who submits an application. The Association encourages members to try again the following year. Also, potential candidates should consider committee opportunities at the state and local level to gain experience. Many of those serving on national committees have had years of experience at the local or state level.

Want to Learn More?

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  • Learn more about the committee selection process, including a timeline, information on creating or editing your Expertise Profile, and entering/viewing your committee applications