The committee structure links below are intended to give you an overview of each committee by presenting its purpose, composition, terms of service, and desired membership qualifications.

Definition of Terms

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2018 AE YPN Advisory Board

2018 AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board

2018 AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board

2018 AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

2018 AEC-State AE Forum

2018 Amicus Brief Advisory Board

2018 Association Executives Committee

2018 Broker Involvement Council

2018 Business Issues Policy Committee

2018 CIPS Advisory Board

2018 Commercial Committee

2018 Commercial Economic Issues and Trends Forum

2018 Commercial Leadership Forum

2018 Commercial Legislation and Regulatory Advisory Board

2018 Commercial Real Estate Research Advisory Board

2018 Commitment to Excellence Committee

2018 Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board

2018 Consumer Communications Committee

2018 Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

2018 Corporate Ally Program Advisory Board

2018 Corporate Investor Council

2018 Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee

2018 Data Strategies Committee

2018 Distinguished Service Award Council

2018 Diversity Committee

2018 Emerging Business & Technology Forum

2018 Executive Committee

2018 Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

2018 Federal Independent Expenditures Advisory Board

2018 Federal Legislative and Political Forum

2018 Federal Taxation Committee

2018 Federal Technology Policy Committee

2018 Finance Committee

2018 Global Alliances Advisory Board

2018 Global Business Councils Forum

2018 Global Business and Alliances Committee

2018 Housing Opportunity Committee

2018 Idea Exchange Council for Brokers

2018 Institute Advisory Committee

2018 Insurance Committee

2018 Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee

2018 Large Board Forum

2018 Large State Forum

2018 Leadership Academy Advisory Group

2018 Leading Edge Advisory Board

2018 Legal Action Committee

2018 Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council

2018 MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board

2018 Medium Board Forum

2018 Medium State Forum

2018 Meeting and Conference Committee

2018 Mega Board Forum

2018 Member Communications Committee

2018 Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

2018 Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group

2018 Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

2018 Multiple Listing Service Forum

2018 PS Interpretations and Procedures Advisory Board

2018 Past Presidents' Advisory Group

2018 Professional Development Committee

2018 Professional Standards Committee

2018 Professional Standards Forum

2018 Property Management Forum

2018 Public Policy Coordinating Committee

2018 REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee

2018 REALTOR® Party Trustees for Campaign Services Committee

2018 RPAC Fundraising Forum

2018 RPAC Major Investor Council

2018 RPAC Participation Council

2018 RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee

2018 RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee

2018 Real Property Operations Committee

2018 Real Property Valuation Committee

2018 Real Property Valuation Forum

2018 Regulatory Issues Forum

2018 Research Committee

2018 Reserves Investment Advisory Board

2018 Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum

2018 Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee

2018 Risk Management Issues Committee

2018 Single Family Investment Management Committee

2018 Small Board Forum

2018 Small State Forum

2018 Smart Growth Advisory Board

2018 State Leadership Idea Exchange Council

2018 State and Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee

2018 State and Local Issues Policy Committee

2018 Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee

2018 Strategic Thinking Forum

2018 Sustainability Advisory Board

2018 Young Professionals Network Advisory Board