Submit Your Vote for the 2019 Vice Chair of Emerging Business & Technology Forum

The first stage of the 2019 Vice Chair Challenge is complete! Thanks to everyone who submitted their expertise profiles, videos, and applications.

Below are the 9 finalists for the position of 2019 Vice Chair of the Emerging Business & Technology Forum. They all met the criteria of receiving three endorsements, submitting an “About Me” video, and have not previously served as a chair or vice chair of a NAR committee. We encourage you to review their expertise profiles, including watching their videos attached to their profiles, before voting on your choice at the bottom of the page. Please note: you can only vote once and your vote is final. 

Purpose of the Forum: To provide members with information on emerging issues and trends that will impact their business and business operations and to provide opportunities for members to share information with respect to new technologies and new business applications. Critical to this discussion is new technology and its usefulness in members' day to day business practice. 

Voting will close on Friday, May 25, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. CDT.


Michelle Bailey

Michelle Bailey, Idaho
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Andy Bencosme

Andy Bencosme, California
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Regina Brown

Regina Brown, California
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Tracy Freeman
Tracy Freeman, New Jersey 
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Heather Gray
Heather Gray, Kansas 
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Becca Linning
Becca Linnig, Arizona 
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Cherie Moman

Cherie Moman, Alabama
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Dominic Pallini

Dominic Pallini, Florida
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Denyse Wilson

Denyse Wilson, California
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