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Committees help shape the direction of NAR and its policies by contributing to the decision-making process. Per Article 6, Section 2 of NAR’s Bylaws, "any action by a committee shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors."

This applies to a new or a change to:

  • a member program, product, or service.
  • governing policies of the Association.
  • public policy positions of the Association.
  • committee structure of the Association.
  • a request for expenditures related to a program, product or service. A request for expenditures must also be sent to the Finance Committee 30 days prior to the regular business meetings; if approved, the Finance Committee will include this request in its report to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

The process for its contribution is in one of two ways as outlined below:

  • A committee recommends a new or a change to an item above by issuing its formal recommendation to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for approval at the regular business meetings in May and November.
  • Between the May and November meetings, the Staff Executive may request approval from the Leadership Team via the Senior Vice President.

In both cases, if the recommendation affects the NAR Constitution or Code of Ethics it will be forwarded to the Delegate Body for final approval 30 days prior to their meeting in November.

  • A committee may not implement on its own a program, product, service or expenditure.
  • Staff Executives must guide the committee leadership through the proper procedures.
  • The Committee Liaison may also communicate the issue between the committee leadership and the Leadership Team.