Unless there are exceptional reasons for confidentiality, meetings of the Association are open to any member.

The following committees are authorized to conduct closed meetings where confidential business of the Association is discussed:

  • AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board 
  • Amicus Brief Advisory Board 
  • Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee 
  • Distinguished Service Award Council 
  • Executive Committee 
  • Finance Committee 
  • Leadership Academy Advisory Group 
  • Legal Action Committee 
  • Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group 
  • Past Presidents' Advisory Group 
  • Real Property Operations Committee 
  • Reserves Investment Advisory Board 
  • RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee 
  • RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee 
  • State AE Forum
  • Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee
  • Top 75 Large Residential Firm Directors Forum

The following meeting is only open to members of NAR:

  • Treasurer's Forum

Requests for a committee meeting to be closed and not be published in the convention's advance program require the written consent of the National Association's CEO.