About the MVP Program

Are you an active REALTOR® and engaged member of NAR? When you get involved, we all win, and MVP is a great way to get started. You gain by earning exclusive FREE rewards and NAR benefits from the actions you take. The more you’re in, the more you win.

How MVP Works

Every two weeks, MVP subscribers receive an offer to take an action that will take less than TWO minutes to complete. That means you’re eligible to receive TWO dozen rewards every year. All you have to do is complete the specified Action within the TWO-week timeframe. After you complete the Action, you’ll receive instructions and a code via e-mail to redeem your Reward. Easy peasy!

The MVP program is a TWO-way street—take a simple action that benefits your business and you receive a valuable reward.

What You Can Expect to Receive

All across the Association, groups have identified Actions and provided valuable rewards for inclusion in the MVP program, ranging from free digital products to discounts on NAR event registration, and many other valuable rewards. No matter what the reward is, the one thing you can count on them all having in common is the incredible value they bring to you as a member.

Program reward emails are typically delivered to you within 48 hours of acting so that you can easily redeem what you’ve earned. For any rewards available through the REALTOR® Store we’ve made it even easier to redeem your reward by including them in the My Rewards section of your My Account, with 1-click redemption!

What Are You Waiting for?

Visit nar.realtor/mvp and ACT NOW!

MVP Instructional Video

View this step-by-step video on how you can start earning free rewards by participating in the MVP Program!

Subscribe to MVP offers, and review your actions taken and rewards earned at My MVP Program.