Mike Lipsey

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau, CCIM, CRB, CPM, MCRE

Altamonte Springs, FL


Speaker fee: $5,500-$6,500 plus expenses

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Michael J. Lipsey, CCIM, CRB, CPM, MCRE, President of The Lipsey Company, is nationally and internationally recognized as the leader in training and consulting for the commercial real estate industry. Lipsey presents over 200 training programs, workshops, seminars and keynote addresses each year and works with corporate real estate executives, institutional owners, property managers, asset managers, brokers and leasing associates to improve their performance, streamline their operation and generate more business.

Lipsey’s keen insight into the business of commercial real estate spans over thirty years of active involvement in the industry. His training programs are designed to address the challenges facing our industry today and equip practitioners with the skill necessary to compete in today’s environment.

As the industry’s leading trainer and consultant, few people affect the day-to-day sale, lease and management of the commercial real estate industry as does Mike Lipsey, whose meaningful programs and practical solutions provide immediate and measurable results for practitioners and their clients.

Course Descriptions

Systems for Success 2011

The focus of this fast-paced, interactive chapter program is business development, techniques for effective sales presentations, and innovative approaches to emerging markets.

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Topics include:

  • Selling by Phone
  • How to Win in More Tenant Rep Assignments
  • Performance Leasing
  • 10 Sales Steps to the Perfect Tour
  • Negotiating and Closing More Transactions

Leadership in Commercial Real Estate

Leadership in Commercial Real Estate takes a look at today’s unique market and conditions and focuses on the skills and systems you need to serve your client’s immediate needs, win more business, close more deals, and ensure your place as a leader in the industry in today’s market.

This session will focus on:

  • Real opportunities in today’s market
  • Emerging market opportunities
  • Blend and Extend Workouts
  • Lease Buy-Outs
  • Mortgage Haircuts and Cram Downs
  • Innovative Sales Techniques…and more.

By identifying, understanding, and implementing some of the best practices used by today’s leaders in commercial real estate, we are confident that you and your team will be able to generate new opportunities and additional sources of revenue in today’s environment.

Selling By Phone

This session focuses on our unique eight-step process for selling by phone from defining the purpose of the call to knowing how to successfully conclude the call. We will examine each step in the process to ensure that your next phone call to a prospect results in a scheduled meeting, appointment or presentation.

10 Sales Steps to a Perfect Tour

The perfect tour is about fulfilling the needs of the client by taking into consideration the key information obtained in the earlier stages of the sales process. Using Mike Lipsey’s 10 Sales Steps to the Perfect Tour you will learn how to use opening probing questions, examine the purpose of the tour, articulate the owner’s situation, the client’s situation and much more. This is the most complete and perfect formula for creating a perfect tour.

Blend & Extend

Tens of thousands of today’s tenants are trying to find creative ways to reduce their cost of occupancy, while meeting their continued business obligations. The Mend, Blend and Extend is the quantitative best practice that should be used. Whether you’re on the user side or the landlord side, we will examine the right amount of Blend – then we will then discuss the numerous options on the Extend. (The recommended financial calculator for this webinar is the HP10BII).

Presentations That Win

We have a proven recipe for making a winning presentation. In this session you and your team learn the five critical components of an effective presentation and understand what information should be included in each component. When you use this formula for presenting, we guarantee that you and your team will win more presentations in 2010. This session will help you change the game.

Negotiating To Win

Can you tell when a negotiating tactic is being used on you? Do you have an arsenal of tactics you can rely on in any situation? There are dozens of negotiation opportunities in every transaction. This session not only identifies those opportunities, it identifies negotiating tactics most often used, teaches ways to disarm them, overcome objections, and focus on strategies, skills and tools designed to close more deals in less time.

Financial Literacy

A thorough mastery of financial procedures, investment principles and techniques, property evaluation, cost comparison, forecasting income and analyzing investment potential is essential for today's real estate practitioner striving to meet clients' ever-increasing complex needs.

Moreover, positional negotiating alone does not identify how to structure a deal to satisfy both sides of the table. Financial Literacy demonstrates how today's practitioner can use the most current financial strategies to meet client needs and do more deals.

In addition, Financial Literacy includes identifying financial components of occupancy, analyzing lease proposals, quantifying the Present Value of the owner's position as well as Tenant's Occupancy Cost. By demonstrating the power of Argus - a financial software program developed for the real estate industry - and using HP10B calculators provided by The Lipsey Company, this hands-on, interactive course discusses "lease vs. own" and its effects on differential cash flows, financial statements, capital access, liquidity and corporate growth, and much more.

To meet the financial objectives of their clients, it is critical that the practitioner is aware of market developments and possess the specialized financial tools of analysis necessary to cope with ever changing market conditions. Financial Literacy is no longer unique to the number-crunchers; these are skills that are required throughout the organization.

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