Where Do Your NAR Membership Dues Dollars Go?

Ever wonder where your NAR dues go and just what exactly they get you?

The answer is a lot. As an NAR member, you receive incredible business benefits, as well as the support and guidance of more than one million other real estate professionals and world-class staff, all focused on helping you succeed.

NAR makes sure that your membership dollars work for you in many ways, particularly in the following key areas:

  • Advocating for issues that matter to REALTORS®
  • Economic and market research
  • Helping REALTORS® understand their industry and improve their business
  • Helping the public understand the value of working with a REALTOR®
  • Supporting REALTORS at the state and local level

Not one penny of members' dues goes to the leadership and governance of NAR. All dues go to advocacy and programs, products and services.

Breakdown of how your membership dues and assessments are used

$35 Consumer Advertising Campaign (2,000 television/5,000 radio spots annually, advocating for REALTORS® and homeownership)
  $40 New REALTOR® Party Advancement Initiative (targeted state and local real estate and homeownership advocacy)
  $22 Government Affairs, Political Affairs, Economics & Research, Regulatory Affairs, RPAC, Public Affairs, Consumer Communications
  $23 Second Century Initiatives: Realtors Property Resource®, HouseLogic, Real Estate Today Radio, .realtor™ domain, Commercial (eProperty Data)
 +$36 The remainder of NAR's services (Legal, Member Communications, International Policy, Commercial, Education, Marketing, Affinity Partners, Business Specialties, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Center for REALTOR® Technology)


Total 2016 dues and assessments

Breakdown of how nondues revenue is used

+$33 Gross nondues revenue (rent, interest income, royalties, ad sales)
–$21 Cost of producing revenue
=$12 Net income from nondues revenue
–$12 Association leadership and governance: midyear meetings, annual convention, leadership summit, committees, officers/leadership costs, special meeting costs


Total paid by members for leadership and governance

Note: $33 is a per-member representation of nondues revenue.