Yelp Reviews Show Preference for Simpler Home Design

A picture of a paint color wheel next to colored sketches of an interior room design.

© Ekaterina Goncharova - Moment / Getty Images

What home design elements are expecting to trend in the new year? Yelp, a review and recommendations site, predicts the hottest trends for 2022 by analyzing the keyword searches that grew in 2021 and identifyinh what they expect to continue. They also factored in review mentions that are receiving the largest growth at their site as well as interior designers’ input.

“2022 will be all about dusty blues and textural finishes, along with incorporating raw materials like stone, and a return to working with local artisans,” Jeremiah Brent, star of HGTV’s “The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project,” told Yelp. “People will gravitate towards the ‘lagom’ lifestyle, embracing its celebration of moderation and functional simplicity when it comes to home design and decor.”

Here are some more design elements that topped Yelp’s 2022 home trend forecast:

  • Special touches to spaces: Drapery, up 64% in searches, and backsplashes, up 37%, are adding pops to rooms or kitchens. Brent says dusty blues are trending in 2022 for these added elements as well.
  • Butler pantry: This has increased 100% year over year from October 2020 to October 2021. Brent says dusty blue cabinetry is a great addition to a small space.
  • Mid-century modern with cane accents: Searches for mid-century modern are up nearly 50% annually but the style is getting a twist. “Adding mid-century modern furniture with cane accents is a great way to add natural, inviting materials to a style that’s characterized by sleek lines,” Yelp notes in its style report.
  • Bold and bright wallpaper: Searches for wallpaper are up 167%. Adding wallpaper to a hallway, bathroom, or bedroom can help show off more style and personality, designers say.
  • Reclaimed and raw materials: Searches are up 38%. “Whether it’s a reclaimed wood table or reclaimed stone for a fireplace, including raw materials and raw edges are great ways to add an earthy, naturalist element to your space,” the report says.
  • Bold accents: Demand for colorful paint, accent walls, and terrazzo are all on the rise. Yelp says homeowners are looking for small ways to add unique pops to flair up their spaces—and an accent wall with colorful paint in a hallway or terrazzo can do that.