What Google Search Results Say About Buyers, Owners

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Many Americans turn to Google for their real estate questions and interests. So, what are they searching for? Point2Homes.com, an online real estate marketplace, recently evaluated Google search results to learn location preferences, home decor desires, and real estate expectations among home buyers, homeowners, and renters.

The pandemic has had a big influence, researchers found. Searches over home office design, home renovations, mortgage refinancing, and movers’ availability have soared compared to pre-pandemic times, researchers note.

Home Buyers

Some of the search terms that saw the largest spikes in the number of monthly searches were “affordable homes for sale,” which posted a 108% increase in 2020 compared to pre-pandemic times. Other popular search phrases included “first-time homebuyer,” “tiny home for sale,” and “luxury condos,” researchers found.




Google phrases that were among the most popular regarding rentals were “rent relief” and “eviction moratorium.”




The most popular Google searches among homeowners tended to be “mortgage refinancing,” up 124% in 2020 compared to 2019. Other popular search terms included “home office design” and “buying a second home.”