What Couples Fight Over Most When Home Shopping

Couple in disagreement sitting on couch

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Home buying is emotional and doing it with a significant other can be stressful. Couples may not always see eye-to-eye.

A new survey from LendingHome, a lender to real estate investors, found that couples are most likely to disagree on these four items when purchasing a home together:

  • The price: 53%
  • The location: 29%
  • The size or style of the home: 18%
  • The condition: 29% said their partner wanted a new home, while they wanted a fixer-upper

Men surveyed were more likely to say that they disagreed with their partner on the condition of the home. Sixty percent of the male respondents said they wanted a fixer-upper while their partner desired a new home.

For women, the top disagreement was over the price.

“Choosing, buying, and settling into a shared home is a significant step for any couple,” says Michael Bourque, LendingHome’s CEO. “If you and your partner are progressing toward this milestone, it’s important to take some time to consider more than just your aesthetic preferences and favorite neighborhoods. Your credit scores and histories will also play a role in your home buying journey.”

Buying a home with a significant other seems to be an important step to the majority of the more than 1,000 survey respondents. Nearly 80% of those surveyed and in a relationship said that purchasing a home with their partner is very important. Ninety-one percent said they worked on a home buying budget with their partner. Thirty-two percent said they spent up to two years saving to buy a home with their partner.