Watch for Fake ‘NAR Health Insurance’ Calls

A person with red-painted nails holds a phone showing a gray icon of a person's portrait and the text "Incoming Call Unknown."

© Ilya Burdun - iStock / Getty Images Plus

The National Association of REALTORS® has issued an alert after a growing number of members reports that they have received unsolicited phone calls that claim to be from “NAR health insurance.” The association says these calls and texts did not come from NAR.

NAR reminds members it will not make unsolicited calls to enroll members in an insurance program or solicit for their personal information. Also, be aware that NAR does not sell or provide telephone numbers of its members to any third-party vendors, including Member Benefit Partners. NAR members can access information about insurance products available through the REALTOR Benefits® Program at

If you would like to verify the legitimacy of any communication or request purporting to come from NAR, contact the Member Support team directly at 800-874-6500 or contact NAR via live chat or email.