Top 50 Cities for Raising Kids

Children running through backyard

©MoMo Productions - Getty Images

Salt Lake City is the best metro area in which to raise a family, according to a new study released from LendingTree. Researchers factored into their rankings median family incomes, monthly housing costs for homes with a mortgage, homeownership rates among families with at least one child, unemployment, education attainment, commute time, and more.

Salt Lake City has the lowest unemployment rate, ranks second for its homeownership rate among families with at least one child, and has average round-trip commute times, the study finds.

Minneapolis and Kansas City, Mo., were the next top-ranked metros for families.

Finding an affordable area with quality schools and a strong job market can be a challenge for families raising children, particularly as home prices surge, researchers note. The following chart shows LendingTree’s rankings of the most family-friendly metros.