From sales mistakes to making nice with appraisers, find out the top headlines of the year.
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As the market shifted this year, real estate professionals’ attention shifted to softening fears, tackling sales faux pas and navigating appraisal issues.
The top articles in sales and marketing at REALTOR® Magazine online for the year were:

  1. 7 Sales Mistakes to Fix Before the Market Changes

    Every real estate pro makes these errors at one point or another. But you have to learn how to prevent them in the future to keep your business viable.

  2. 5 Warning Signs Your Listing Has a Mold Problem

    Though not as obvious as fire or flood damage, mold can spread quickly and cause significant property issues if not caught early.

  3. 5 Fears Every Real Estate Agent Can Overcome

    Plunging home sales are adding to the horror of Halloween this year, but market shifts are a time to be brave and confront the demons in your business.

  4. CRM Clean-Up Time

    Your customer contact list needs work? Here’s how to get it in shape.

  5. The Appraiser’s Role Isn’t to Kill Your Deal

    Appraisers start from a high bar before they can take on their own assignments, but agents can still play a role in helping them determine valuations accurately.