Top 25 Places for Greater Career Opportunities

Lafayette, Indiana courthouse

©Rodrigo A. Rodriguez Fuentes - Getty Images

With more than 6 million people reporting not working or working fewer hours in June because of lost or slower business stemming from the pandemic, some Americans are examining their job options.

SmartAsset, a personal finance resource, evaluated data to identify and rank the metro areas with the best career opportunities for 2021. Areas that experience job booms often see escalating housing markets.

To determine the best places for career opportunities, researchers evaluated 200 metro areas, looking at metrics including the unemployment rate, change in employment over the past year, median income, income growth, annual housing costs, and more.

Four of the top 10 metro areas for career opportunities are in New York, led by Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse, and Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, according to the study. Smaller metro areas tended to land higher in the rankings than larger cities.

A list of metros across the U.S. that are the best places for career opportunities.