The Most ‘Home Conscious’ States

Two people working on ladders set up along home's external wall.

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Home pride may be highest in Delaware, Florida, and Texas. A new study suggests homeowners in these locales are the most “home conscious,” factoring in home improvements, interior design, pest control, cleaning, and gardening.

Overall, interest in home services has grown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More homeowners are showing an interest in home improvement, pest control, cleaning, and interior design services, the study from Excel Pest Services finds.

A line graph charting interest in various home services from 2019 to 2021.

Owners in some states do seem to care more than those in others. Delaware residents take the best care of their homes, ranking high in pest control, gardening, and interior design, the study says. California posted the highest increase in home maintenance as the pandemic has continued, with owners showing special care in tending to home repairs. In Texas, searches for pest control have surged 500% during the pandemic. In Hawaii, homeowners paid extra attention to their gardens—at the highest rates compared with the rest of the nation.

Residents of some states showed more interest in home care services than others, the study found. Real estate pros may benefit from being able to offer contact information of service providers, particularly in these locales.

A list of the states most interested in various home services, sorted by category of service.