Smart Bathroom Fixtures Offer a More Sanitary, Streamlined Experience

From bidets to smart toilets, the bathroom is getting a tech upgrade that makes life more convenient and a little less germy.
Modern elegance bathroom interior with toilet bowl, ceramic washbasin in marble floor and loft wall

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As technology continues to advance, it’s no surprise that the smart home takeover has made its way into the bathroom. Kohler, a well-known manufacturer of kitchen and bath products, has introduced a range of bidet seats and smart toilets to meet the growing demand for advanced toilet technology. This kind of tech makes for a more sanitary, streamlined and sustainable experience in the bathroom.

Kohler offers a range of bidet seats and smart toilets, from the simple PureWash bidet seat, which does not require power outlets and is easy to install, to the Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet, which uses the Kohler Konnect app for expanded personalization and control. Each of Kohler’s smart bathroom products offers price points and features to meet the needs of consumers looking to upgrade their toilet space.

The Everyday Bidet

Once thought of as a luxury or other-worldly bathroom addition, the bidet is becoming more mainstream as more consumers realize that a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom option exists. Interest in bidets has grown in the last few years, and it continues to be one of Kohler’s fastest-growing bathroom categories.

At one time, a separate receptacle was needed to add a bidet to a bathroom, making it difficult for consumers with limited space within which to work. Not anymore. Kohler’s bidet seat makes it possible to add the feature to the existing toilet, which is also easier on the budget.

Most bidets come with their own feature upgrades, like Kohler’s stainless-steel wand with automatic UV light cleaning technology, which automatically cleans the product once a day.

Full Toilet Upgrades

Smart toilets are all about the touchless, clean experience delivered through automated and new or more comfortable features that traditional toilets don’t have. Kohler’s smart toilets have lids that automatically open as the user walks up to the fixture, eliminating the need to touch the seat or lid. The built-in heated seats and night lights, and the warm air dryer that runs after using the integrated bidet, are not found on most other toilets today.

Kohler smart toilets also feature automatic flushing and use less water when needed so that consumers can help save a little water without sacrificing performance.

Adding color or unique finishes to the toilet space is also a growing trend within the bathroom. Kohler offers up to 10 different color options for customers to personalize their bathroom designs to stand out or match closely with their other fixtures.

A Boon for New Construction

In new construction, builders are adding power outlets near the toilet or water closet area to make upgrading when the time is right. Some builders even include upgrade options with Kohler’s bidet seats and other options, so customers can easily add them during the new-home build.

A specific trend in new construction is Kohler’s hidden cord toilets and bidet seat combination options. These toilet designs allow installers and homeowners to hide the water supply line and power cords needed for most bidets for a clean design while delivering the bidet features homeowners want.

Pricing and Models

To buyers on a budget, Kohler recommends some of its basic bidet seat models, allowing the homeowner to keep the current toilet and upgrade the seat. To those doing a remodel or wanting to replace the entire toilet, Kohler’s smart toilets help bring the touchless and spa-like experience into the bathroom.

Kohler has a range of models from those that do not require power outlets and come with basic bidet features, such as front or rear wash, that start for around $99. The newest model, the Innate smart toilet, starts at around $2,500.