Privacy Concerns Rise With Smart-Home Tech Adoption

Smart thermostat

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While smart-home technology adds convenience to a homeowner’s lifestyle, many Americans remain concerned about potential shortcomings when it comes to users’ privacy. The average person owns five smart-home devices, according to a new poll of 1,000 consumers conducted by Frontier, a telecommunications company. The most popular smart devices are TVs, speakers, and lightbulbs.

Chart of desirable smart-home devices

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But smart-home tech is leading to safety concerns: For example, 30% of survey respondents say they have avoided adding smart locks due to security concerns. More than two-thirds of people say they leave at least one smart-home device unplugged due to security concerns. Sixty percent of Americans say they consider themselves “very” or “extremely” concerned about the security of their smart-home tech.

smart-home safety chart

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